What is Goboken and answers to frequently asked questions

Goboken is a book club and subscription service owned and operated by the company Sandviks AS, for families with children – from birth to school start.

When you order a free starter package, you automatically sign up for a membership-subscription in the club. You are bound to pay the invoice for postage cost given for the starter package with free content. The offer of a starter package with free content is valid one time only per customer. Sandviks can at any time refuse an order based on previous order information.

After the starter package you will receive emails every 3-4 weeks, with notification of which age-appropriate books you will get sent to your address for the following shipments.

You can cancel the next shipment announced within a given date, by logging into My page (Min sida). For this you can also use the link in the notification email.

If you do not cancel the next shipment, you will receive the package normally within 2-3 weeks after notification. The invoice will be sent by email or paper, unless you have submitted your credit card information; then you will be charged directly.

You have 14 days to regret if you do not want the package after having it received. If so, you must return at your own postage cost. If you already have been charged, we will then refund you, or zero out the balance, by the time we receive the returned package.

There is no commitment to buy a certain number of packages.

There is an obligation to be a member for a minimum period of six months.

If you want to cancel your membership, please do so at Min sida (My page), or send an email to kundservice@goboken.se

Packages that you keep must be paid. The book package costs an average of 249 kr + 49 kr in postage, due date is written on the invoice. Unpaid packaged which are not returned in time, will be followed up by reminders and dunning in your name, and fees will apply. If packages remain unpaid, the open balance will be handled by a collection agency, and further additional costs will apply.

This information is valid for all subscription programs and book clubs handled by Sandviks:

Goboken, Mitt första ABC, Disneyklubben, Mina första  fakta.

This summary in English is intended to help customers who are not fluent in the Swedish language.

If you need more information, please contact us:

Customer Service tel: (+46) 40 660 68 00

Customer Service email: kundservice@goboken.se

Postal mail address: Sandviks AS, PB 366, Forus, N-4067 Stavanger

Visiting address: Strandsvingen 14B, N-4032 Stavanger

VAT no 918793569